Quality Policy

• As the Electrical Panel manufacturer, it is our primary duty to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by producing high quality electrical panels in the production sector, by meeting the current legal and regulatory conditions as well as the customer requirements every time.

• Our quality management system and our quality policy, which guides our quality targets, support our strategic direction and are updated and periodically updated after important organizational changes, ensuring that they are understood by employees and also communicated to relevant parties and the public.

• Our corporate structure, which has adopted the process approach, establishes mutually beneficial relations with external providers, our control structure has adopted the principle of continuous improvement in its processes by analyzing with real data, communicating effectively, increasing the participation of employees in the system studies, predetermining risks, and a preventive approach.

1. Mission:
In line with the demands of the market, new technologies are developed using the East and West mentality and products to our customers as a manufacturer of low-voltage and medium-voltage equipment accepted by the international markets to provide the best service.
People love we have with the environment, respect for our faith and provide quality long-term satisfaction of our customers is our values that support our mission.
2. Vision:
the purpose of domestic and overseas market ELTE PANO; continually providing innovative and high quality products, our customers and our suppliers is to become a very big business.
3 Quality Definition:
We think quality, our products and services, to meet our customers needs, rather than to please them, "enchanted" at a level that is affordable and reasonable will find a welcome feature.
4. Quality Goals:
  • Our products and services provide convenient transportation to our quality specifications definition. These features safeguard the continuity and repeatability.
  • Our products and services from national and international laws, standards and specifications set forth in the specification and ensure compliance with safety requirements.
  • Quality to achieve our objectives and to guarantee continuity of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, according to customer-oriented quality management system to run efficiently, regularly revise and continually improve.
5. Quality Policy:
  • Our customers needs in all of our work, we take the expectations and interests as the main criteria.
  • All of our employees believe that their success depends on the satisfaction of our customers are at the highest level and are trained continuously on this issue.
  • "Checked" not "produced" We strive to achieve quality.
  • Quality "Business Process Management" We are trying to achieve with its approach.
  • But the quality of our products and services, we recognize that we can achieve by upgrading the overall quality of life. To achieve this, we try to make people love the company culture and the environment.
M. Yusuf Coskun (General Manager)

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